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Since i got a few requests via email regarding how to get it on your own homepage.. here is the description i'm usually giving:

what i am doing on is to generate two .html files every 4 hours and include them in the website ..
i have attached my simple example script (it assumes you have the CPAN version installed )
you need to modify to include your username/password from .. and then execute it in the local directory using something like:

cd path_to_scripts

./ > /tmp/fetched.json # this will download a simple json object containing all runs

./ /tmp/simple.html /tmp/detailedfile.html < /tmp/fetched.json

the last command generates a "simple" and more detailed html output .. which i include on my website (the simple one is displayed in the right column, the detailed is the one you see at )
there is no templating magic or anything, so to modify the output .. you need to modify directly ..

I would appreciate any feedback (preferable here in the forum) - either if you are using it on your website, or have problems installing it. - Thanks :)
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