MacOS / Applications

Collection of some useful tools an applications for mac osx which i find very useful.

1. Things i'm still missing

Things i still miss on my mac - if you know any tool that can do this, let me know ;)

  • Focus follows mouse - without raising the window - and works for all applications, not just!

2. Tools & Applications

  • GimmeSomeTune (Free) - Allows you to control iTunes with keyboard shortcuts from any application
  • Witch (Free) - Implements a nice alt-tab which switches windows, not applications (very slow.. takes about a second to switch a window !!! but is still faster than expose imho)
  • Window Dragon - Allows you to drag windows from anywhere using alt + mouse button (and many other things) - useful if you're used to it from linux ! (Requires Application Enhancer)

3. Useful Hints

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