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Sometimes it is getting really frustrating to search for, or create the perfect generic product which can be used for every possible website and purpose. Be it an open source django forum and wiki or a web content management and portal software. So it can be really refreshing to reset and implement the simplest possible solution for a very simple problem: Getting content on the web.

Well. That sounds easy. I have done it dozens of times and written three frameworks for it - in Perl (MHP), Java (Galena) and lately Python (SCT).

Okay. Screw it. Start from scratch and do the simplest solution possible.

1.1. The result?

  • Content editable using a simple wysiwyg editor
  • Navigation, advertisings, headers, etc. editable in the administration interface
  • Contest page to upload images and vote for them - with facebook sharing and everything
  • News section editable using wysiwyg editor, in categories and with permissions (obviously)
  • Comments for news and contest entries.
  • simple user management with a very easy registration, email validation & co - so you are basically registered before you know it :)
  • improved surfing skills ;)

1.2. Or in bare metrics ..

  • 1700 lines of python code
  • 1000 lines of html code
  • 3-4 weeks of work

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