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The pain of SEO

2010-03-23 23:08:33

Can anyone share some insights into the world of SEO? I know all (ie. most) of the tools, all the terminology and i think the most important techniques. I have even read books about SEO ("The Art of SEO") (let alone months of searching through the web).

But i still can't figure out how to rank high - or sometimes even rank for a given keyword - or how to find out the most important keywords to look out for (Yeah, i know about google adword's keyword tool, google trends and adwords).

For example I have no clue why the terms: surfen lernen can't find the website on google germany. It is in the first position on but i am not able to find it on google at all. Another odd thing is that searching for: on google the root site is on the last page of the search results.

(And yes, i hope this post will change the search rankings ;) - hey, this site has PR 4 after all ... wrong audience (umm. none?), topic and language.. but it still has to count for something, right?)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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Post hidden by Herbert Poul :
Post hidden by Herbert Poul :
Der Text auf der Startseite ist identisch bei Facebook zu finden. Da Facebook eine deutlich stärkere Backlinkstruktur hat, könnte es sein, dass wegen Duplicate Content im google-Filter steckt, auch wenn der Text dort zuerst war. Facebook ist halt eine sehr starke Domain. Versuch mal einen neuen Text auf Eurer Domain und achte dabei gleich auch auf die Keyworddichte für "surfen lernen".

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