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Why We Suck

2009-01-14 20:41:58

If you think you can only get all your news from The Daily Show - you're wrong.. You can occasionally also find good books advertised on it :)

Why We Suck is Denis Leary's take on people's laziness and stupidity and is a great read if you don't mind his writing style :)

So if for example you are pissed about people complaining about the winter (or anything else) you will find some fun common sense opinions in this book:

A few years back, doctors announced the "discovery" of a new disease called SAD - seasonal affective disorder. Victims claim the symptoms begin sometime in September and often last until March or April and include depression, despair, misery and guilt combined with a desire to oversleep or extreme napping as well as overeating.

I'm sad to say that - in THIS doctor's estimation - SAD is not a disease. It's called WINTER, asshole. It happens every year right after the leaves fall off the goddam trees.

And you are not a victim - you are a fat, human sloth who wants to suck down boxes of Twinkies [..]
Here's my prescription: get off the fucking couch and buy a set of skis. Or skates. Better yet - buy both. And don't eat the yellow snow.

Case closed.
I'm tired of the denial. I'm tired of the fat the loud the lazy and the stupid.
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Posted by Herbert Poul

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