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AJAX usually makes life easier (or at least quicker) but when an error happens everything dies.

I entered a somewhat bigger bill into billmonk and with just one click added a group of about 20 people to a bill item.. which i obviously didn't wanted.. But that's OK .. i could have removed it, if it was not for an error which occurred because one of the people in the group were already added to my bill.

The problem is that i now have 20 people in my bill which aren't associated with any item and which i can't remove.. but they are in some way sharing the tip :) without an ajax interface i could simply fix the error or reopen and edit the form. But i have no idea how i could reopen a bill that wasn't saved before..

anyway .. at least now i know that billmonk is using postgresql :)
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

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Garmin has long promised to provide a Web Service API to fetch the last "activities" from their Garmin Connect website. Unfortunately it does not seem to be of any priority to them.

But luckily thanks to AJAX it is really easy nowadays to understand data - a 5 line perl script by using HTML::Form for the login, fetching the data through a simple GET request and JSON->new()->json\ToObj(..) to parse the response.

I someone miss the times where you had to use multi-line regular expressions to find something in an ugly HTML file :)

Anyhoo - you can see the result at
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

Posted by Herbert Poul

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