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Upgraded iPhone firmware to 2.0.2

2008-08-30 13:44:10

I finally decided to update my iPhone to the latest firmware version. Basically because after upgrade my macbook pro to leopard it wouldn't show up in iTunes. I figured it probably was because I was running a very old version (1.1.1) or the jailbroken iPhone was ignored on purpose..

However, I hooked the iPhone up to my windows PC, created a backup and restored/updated to the latest firmware version.
The next 2.5 hours i went back and forth between my mac and windows to find a way to get the iphone unlocked and jailbroken. (I have tried to restore it on mac after creating a new image with Pwnage 2.0 which got me a few Error 1604 and Error 6 - whatever they mean). But it finally worked on windows using Winpwn 2.5 beta in expert mode (by increasing the partition size to 700 MB - as stated in the FAQ .. but wasn't done by the basic mode. weird - without doing so the app would just crash without any output).

In the end.. I'm pretty amazed it actually worked.

Btw. I still had the problem that the iPhone wasn't showing up in iTunes (the weird thing is... It showed up in the DFU mode after the restore, but not after it was jailbroken again) - The simple solution. Simply download the latest iTunes from the apple website and install it.
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

Posted by Herbert Poul

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Too Many Social Networking Sites?

2008-08-07 23:02:57

I just tried to collect all links to my social networking profiles.. so far i have:

anyhoo.. none of those networks made me more social, which is probably my fault .. but i still hope for web 3.0 to fix that by introducing some kind of open social networking standard - how about socialgraph ? sounds good, but i was too lazy to try it out yet (since it isn't used by .. well .. anyone ? not even orkut)

feel free to add me on any of those networks.. for whatever reason ;)

(btw. little advice to anyone encountering new social networking sites: do not trust them. Especially not with your email contacts. My shame i trusted "yaari":
Hey, we have Signatures !!! Great, isn't it ? ;)

Posted by Herbert Poul

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