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Im often sharing a restraunt bill, or split up bills from a holiday with friends. The only problem - I'm just too lazy and by the time i can motivate myself to enter the bills into any system they are unreadable because they spent months in my pockets.. So the simple solution? Take a picture on your Android phone, mark the participants and at any time later just "digitalize" them on your PC. (Or hope that any of your friends is bored and does the job ;-) )

How that works? well.. head over to tabsplit.net and take a look. It's still an early beta and i'm heavily developing the website as well as the android client, so expect a (much) better usability in the next few weeks. But it is already usable and i'm already using it for "real" debts, so the data will be preserved forever. You can follow the progress on the TabSplit Blog. I also welcome all kinds of feedback - either in the blog or directly via email/IM/etc.

I'm still thinking about all the use cases - from sharing a restraunt bill to recording your own expenses or some sort of "group financing" where you can find participants for an expense before making it..
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